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What is #Deployability ?

The word focuses on how to create #Deployment and what is the Deployment capability of a person in Oil & Gas and Higher Education Sector. A person with an interest in the Oil & Gas sector or the Higher Education sector will find information in this site really useful to take the right steps and understand his #Deployability.

Sanjay Kaul is the Founder President of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Founder Chancellor of University of Technology, Management and Director of Indian School of Petroleum and Energy & recently being announced as the Chairman of HERS (Hydrocarbon Education Research Society.)

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#Deployability of a person in

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Managing Director
Suyog Projects Pvt. Ltd 
2011 - Present
Founder Chancellor
University of Technology & Management
2011 - Present

Projects Associated with

Founder President 
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
2003 - Present 
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